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Sirona Test Strips

  • Biguanide test strips work with biguanide sanitizers: This compatibility ensures the strips can accurately measure the sanitizer level in your spa water.
  • Easy testing for spa water with biguanide systems: Using these strips is a convenient way to monitor your spa water's chemistry.
  • Quick and accurate results: You'll get reliable information about your spa water's health within minutes.
  • Recommended chemical levels: The description provides reference ranges for ideal pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness in spa water.

By using biguanide test strips and maintaining these recommended chemical levels, you can:

  • Enjoy clear and soothing spa water: Balanced chemicals prevent cloudy or irritating spa water.
  • Maintain sanitizer effectiveness: Proper biguanide concentration ensures proper disinfection of your spa water.
  • Extend the life of your spa equipment: Balanced water chemistry helps prevent corrosion and damage to your spa components.

Sirona Test Strips