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Pilates Reformer Mat


Pilates Reformer Mat.

Anti-Slip Material: Increase your body strength and add this mat to your Pilates reformer accessories. Made of natural rubber for an anti-slip body balance, so you can do more with your Pilates sessions.

Pilates Studio Equipment: Ideal for your Pilates studio, home gym, workout room, and more! Improve your workout space.

Compact and Extra Thin Mat: Lightweight, foldable, portable, and hygienic. This Pilates Reformer Mat has an easy wash material and easy-to-carry mesh bag for convenient storage.

Easy to Wash: Wipe with clean wet towel, add mild detergent if needed, air dry Microfiber yoga mat is machine washable.

Dimensions: 37.80" long x 22.04" wide; Neck 11.02" Long x 7.48" wide.

Thickness: You can choose between 1mm or 2mm.

Materials: Microfiber/Suede+Natural Rubber

Included in Delivery: 
  • 1x Pilates Reformer Mat
  • 1x Mesh Bag

Pilates Reformer Mat