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Kalm Elemental Yoga Mat - Kaya (Body) - Eco-Friendly Natural Rubber, 4.5mm Thick, Non-Slip


Elevate Your Practice with Kalm's Elemental Yoga Mat Collection

Experience the perfect blend of comfort, support, and sustainability with Kalm's Elemental Yoga Mats. Each mat in our collection is designed to enhance your practice and deepen your connection to the earth.

  • Kaya (Body): Our vibrant green mat provides superior cushioning and support for your joints, ensuring a comfortable practice even during challenging poses.
  • Manas (Mind): The calming pink hue of our Manas mat promotes focus and tranquility, helping you find your center and achieve mental clarity.
  • Dhara (Earth): Ground your practice with our earthy gray mat, designed for stability and a deep connection to the earth.
  • Prana (Spirit): Elevate your spirit with our invigorating khaki mat, crafted to awaken your energy and inspire a sense of flow.

Crafted for Performance and Sustainability

All Kalm mats are made from premium, eco-friendly natural rubber for unparalleled grip, even during hot yoga sessions. The unique 4.5mm thickness offers exceptional cushioning for your joints, while the alignment lines ensure perfect posture.

Personalize Your Practice

Make your Kalm mat truly your own with our custom engraving option. Add your favorite phrase, your name, or your studio's name for a truly unique and inspiring practice companion.


Repurpose Your Packaging, Plant a Seed of Change

At Kalm, we believe in a sustainable future. Each yoga mat arrives in a recyclable kraft tube that doubles as a planter. Plant your favorite herbs, flowers, or succulents, and watch them flourish alongside your yoga practice. Join us in our commitment to a greener planet!




Key Features:

  • Non-slip, eco-friendly natural rubber
  • Superior 4.5mm thickness for joint support
  • Alignment lines for precise posture
  • Ideal for hot yoga and all levels
  • Customizable engraving option
  • Recyclable packaging that transforms into a planter
  • Available in four vibrant colors

Kalm Elemental Yoga Mat - Kaya (Body) - Eco-Friendly Natural Rubber, 4.5mm Thick, Non-Slip