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Kalm X Jungle Johanna 5Pc. Pilates Set


Kalm X Jungle Johanna: Elevate Your Pilates Practice with Our 5-Piece Set

Unite tranquility and empowerment with the Kalm X Jungle Johanna 5-Piece Pilates Set, a unique collaboration designed to elevate your practice.

This comprehensive set equips you with everything you need to strengthen, tone, and improve your flexibility, all while promoting a sense of inner peace and connection with nature.

Here's what you'll find inside:

  • Natural Rubber Yoga Mat: Provides superior grip and cushioning for comfortable and stable practice.
  • Pilates Ring: Targets and strengthens your inner core muscles, improving stability and posture.
  • Pilates Ball: Adds an extra layer of challenge and variation to your exercises, enhancing balance and coordination.
  • 2LB Pair (1LB each) Ankle Weights: Add resistance to your leg and core exercises, helping you build muscle and definition.
  • 3-Piece Resistance Bands (Medium, Heavy, X-Heavy): Offer progressive levels of resistance to accommodate your fitness level and target different muscle groups.

The Kalm X Jungle Johanna Pilates Set is perfect for:

  • Pilates enthusiasts of all levels
  • Individuals seeking a holistic approach to fitness and wellness
  • Those who appreciate eco-conscious and sustainable products

Elevate your mind, body, and spirit with the Kalm X Jungle Johanna Pilates Set.


Kalm X Jungle Johanna 5Pc. Pilates Set